Painting and decorating

Gain a painting and decorating qualification, ensuring a broad knowledge and practical experience base that prepares you for the industry.

Our painting and decorating programmes enable you to build up a broad range of practical skills that will help you progress in the industry.

Skills such as preparing surfaces, applying paint by brush or roller, and wallpapering, along with a basic understanding and knowledge of other construction trades.

Our programmes are ideal if you are looking to improve your knowledge and basic skills in painting and decorating, gaining industry recognition of your skill set.

As you progress, you will cover skills such as accessing equipment and working platforms, applying paint systems, applying foundation and plain papers, producing specialist decorative finishes and applying and creating colour, along with a further understanding and knowledge of construction trades.


  • Painting and decorating - Enhance and develop the skills needed to go far in a career in painting and decorating with technical skills and industry recognition at the core of each programme. 

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With our programmes, you can progress from Level 1 (equivalent to GCSEs in grades D-F or 3-1) to Level  2 (equivalent to GCSEs in grades A-C or 9-4). 


The construction centre has space for painting and decorating, brickwork, plastering, plumbing and carpentry.

Career pathways

A career pathway is a series of building blocks that will take you to your future career. This helps equip you with the skills, attributes and knowledge that future employers want, giving you a greater chance of success.

Our career pathway maps will show you the best routes through college, higher education and employment and into the most popular industry sectors.  

Industry partnerships

Our extensive network or partnerships will help you develop invaluable skills and experience.

We work with many furniture manufacturers, including live design briefs with Ercol and William Hands, so you have an opportunity to get feedback from the professionals on your work. Our annual employers' day and end of year exhibition are also excellent opportunities to network with potential employers.