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David (Public Services)

“I am studying for the Uniformed Public Services Level 2 Diploma at City of Oxford College.

I want to enter the police force, specifically the dog unit. My current intention is to complete the level 2 and then that will give me the qualifications I need to do an apprenticeship with the police. That will give me the degree I need as there is a law that comes into place in 2020 that states people need a degree to enter the police force. Once I have the degree, I can enter basic training and begin my probationary period as a police officer.

I like working with animals, but I didn’t want to work out in the fields, so I was drawn to the dog unit of the police as I always wanted to work for a blue-light service since meeting the ambulance service. I was a little put off by the qualifications you need for the ambulance service, as I’m not very academic, to be honest; I liked the course at Activate Learning as it is very practical for the things that I want to do.

For example, we had a residential trip down in Kingswood, Dearne Valley and one of the things we did there was abseiling and I’m terrified of heights! So that was fun…

I’m on top of my coursework and the tutors are really supportive. The attributes at Activate Learning have been helpful. Activate Learning came to my secondary school one day and talked about the courses they offered. Then I learned that Activate Learning offered the course I wanted to do to get into public services, so I signed up there and then.

The facilities at Activate Learning are really good. The atmosphere is much better than at school, the environment is more adult and I feel safe at this college.

I don’t know much about the pathways, I’ll be honest. What I do know is that each pathway is tailored to each student’s individual needs to help them to get where they want to go."