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Meeting other students

Our canteens, coffee shops and recreational spaces are some of the spaces where you can meet up with friends on campus.

At our campuses, you will find many spaces where you can make new friends or meet up with your existing ones.

Each of our campuses has restaurants and coffee shops. This means you can take a quick break in between lessons, catch up with friends and enjoy a hot drink or a nutritious meal to help with your learning.

On most of our campuses, we have a dedicated Students’ Union room, a recreational space and faith room.  Our recreational spaces boast table football, as well as games consoles for those who are keen to explore their competitive side, and relaxation spaces with sofas for anyone looking to talk and relax. These are great spaces where you can meet up with other students to discuss and plan events, get to know each other or simply take some quiet time out from your day to reflect or pray.