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A good home will help you settle into English life quickly and help to improve your language skills. Choose from homestay, rented accommodation and hotels.


Living with a British family in their home will help you improve your English. This is called Homestay.

A host family could be a family with children, a couple or a single person. They will speak English, but this may not be their first language. Host families may have pets.

Our preferred provider Host-Link provides Homestay accommodation. They will visit and approve each of their host families.

Rented accommodation

You could also share a rented house with other students or rent a room and live with a family or landlord. You would have your own bedroom/ study, with access to shared bathroom, kitchen and living-room areas.

Rent varies depending on the area and accommodation and sometimes may include your contribution to bills.

If you are considering rented accommodation, please check the distance to your campus by public transport.

Single household

This accommodation is usually best for couples or families. Typical rent varies depending on the town or city and the neighbourhood where the house is located.

If you are considering a single household, please check the distance to your campus by public transport .

Hotel accommodation

Although hotel prices can be expensive, this type of accommodation can be useful until you find somewhere else to stay.

Our accommodation for international students is not managed by Activate Learning. We only provide information about accomodation for prospective students, but we cannot make recommendations. 

To discuss your options, please contact or call +44 (0) 1685 550 550.