Protective services

From infantry soldier to naval helicopter engineer, and from door supervisor to police community support officer, probation officer or solicitor, explore where a career pathway in the protective services could take you.

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Prepare for a career in the Army, Royal Navy, RAF, Royal Marines, police, prison services and more with our career pathway in protective services.

Our teachers have ample experience of working in the protective services industry. We work in partnership with industry partners including Thames Valley Police, HM Prison Service, RAF and the ambulance service to give you exposure to real life situations. This means you will have the opportunity to develop your employability skills and your confidence, and to forge relationships with potential future contacts. 

Community volunteering, leadership training, targeted fitness training and residential trips and activities are all part of our protective services programmes.

What is a career pathway?

A career pathway is a series of building blocks that will take you to your future career. Our career pathway maps will show you the best routes through college, higher education and employment and into the most popular industry sectors.

Our aim is to offer every learner a direct line of sight to employment. This means that we will equip you with the skills, attributes and knowledge that future employers want, giving you a greater chance to succeed.

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What could my future job look like? 

Here are some examples of the tasks that you may be carrying out:

  • Armed Forces: offering a variety of roles, from soldier to engineer or air crew, working for the armed forces will require flexibility, time management skills, precision and the ability to respond to discipline.
  • Door supervisor: carry out door security tasks and assist customers entering a residential building or business, such as a nightclub, ensuring they are safe at all times.
  • Bodyguard: protect someone such as celebrities, politicians or wealthy businesspeople, travelling with them at all times and ensuring they are safe, providing crowd control as needed.
  • Police officer: work as part of a team to maintain law enforcement and keep communities safe.



Our aim is to equip you to be successful in the job market,

whether you are heading for a job straight after your time at

college, plan to take a university-level programme first or are

already working in a part-time job.

Industry partnerships

We have industry specific programmes and partnerships with local employers including Thames Valley Police Firearms, HM Prison Service, Army, Navy, RAF, Fire Service and the Ambulance Service. This gives exposure to real-life training situations and allows you to forge relationships with key staff while taking part in residential trips and outdoor activities.