Care Skills Training Centre

The Care Skills Training Centre at City of Oxford College gives learners a unique insight into careers in the health and social care sector.

Through a range of hands on practical experiences in our six-bed hospital ward, fully equipped home care room or our emergency care centre, we offer a range of activities tailored for your educational and training needs.

The Care Skills Training Centre provides acute clinical and residential care facilities for simulated teaching and learning. As well as using the facilities for our own leaning programmes we are keen to help meet the training and development needs of local health care organisations, schools and colleges.


Our Care Skills Training Centre offers a simulated six bed hospital ward as well as a fully functional home care room, offering a range of equipment to be used as training tools giving leaners an opportunity to gain hands on experience by offering observational training with simulated models with state of the art IT monitoring and diagnostic resources.

The Hospital Ward

Our simulated mannequins allow learners to learn care skills in a safe but realistic way. As a mock A&E department, the care suite offers learners the opportunity to practice basic and advanced observational skills, first aid, emergency care, drug administration and wound dressing. Each of our six beds is monitored via plasma screens, and has allocated IT diagnostic equipment, allowing more advanced learners the opportunity to practice their skills independently. Our IT classroom has internet connection, screening and recording equipment. Visitors and learners can fully immerse themselves in a realistic clinical environment so they can learn essential clinical and caring skills.

The Home Care Room

Our home care room has been designed to replicate a real-life home environment; visitors can practice in-home care provision and independent living promotion for the elderly or those requiring care in their own or residential home. The home care room includes a seating area and bedroom, plus a fully equipped bathroom with hoist and bathroom aids. The room is fully equipped with all the aids needed to care for people with a range of different health conditions.


The Classroom

We can provide classroom space within the care suite complex for breakout areas and the extension of learning sessions. Classrooms are equipped with a projector whiteboard, internet connection and desk and seating arrangements as required for all your educational needs.

Who we are

We empower people to go further in learning and in life, by recognising their uniqueness and by providing an environment which builds confidence and raises aspirations. We work with learners, experts in learning and business leaders to co-create curricula and build industry-relevant career pathways. Our focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship means that our students develop real-life business skills that give them the edge in a competitive jobs market.

The facilities are used by a range of different learners. Our full-time 16-18 year old students use the facility to help prepare them for careers in health and social care. Whereas our foundation degree students are already employed by the NHS and use the facility to learn new skills. The facilities are available to meet the staff training needs of local healthcare organisations as well as being open to local schools.

There is rising demand for care services as a result of an ageing population and the local authority’s strategy is focused on supporting people to live independently within their own homes.

“It is estimated that the social care workforce alone needs to grow by 750 new jobs every year to 2025 to keep pace with demand. Our care suite will help to attract more people to consider working in the sector, giving them an excellent preparation for their career, as well as developing the skills and expertise of those already employed by the NHS.”

The Care Suite an incredibly important facility for Oxfordshire. Equipping our health and social care teams with the essential skills and hands-on training they need is crucial to ensuring a positive future for care services throughout the county.”

The facilities supports training in areas of health and social care including dementia and end of life care, infection control, medication administration and wound care.

Rooms are available to hire offering full and half days to support all your training needs and will be fully supported by qualified teaching staff.