How to be crystal clear when it comes to HE Clearing

All you need to know about Clearing for Higher education courses. Sounds complicated, but we’ve kept it super simple for you.

1. What is Clearing?

Clearing is the name of a UCAS service which allows colleges and universities to fill remaining spaces on courses which aren’t full up yet.

This means that, even after A Level results day, students who don’t hold offers can still secure their place on a course at a college or university.

Students who currently hold offers they don’t want to accept can also secure a place through Clearing.

If you missed the 30 June deadline for applying to college or university, don’t worry! You can still find a suitable course through Clearing if:

  • you haven’t received offers (or do not want to accept offers given)
  • the conditions of your offers were not met
  • you have paid a fee of £26 for “multiple choice application”
  • you have declined your firm place on UCAS Track

Clearing for Higher Education courses open 5 July at Activate Learning. Visit What is Clearing? on the UCAS website to stay updated on the latest information from UCAS.

2. Why you should study Higher Education at Activate Learning

At Activate Learning, our award-winning Learning Philosophy is at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning. We set students up with not only the knowledge they’ll use for their career, but also with the personal skills that will benefit them their whole lives.

Our close relationships with employers and well-respected universities ensure the education we deliver is of high quality, up to date and just what employers are looking for!

We have industry-specialised facilities at our 6 campuses across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey. So, you can live at home whilst pursuing your higher education goals.

We even have smaller study groups for a personalised learning experience and flexible learning and assessment methods which allow you to move at your own pace.

Read more about why you should study Higher Education at Activate Learning

3. Courses that we offer

There are a wide range of Higher Education qualifications available in a variety of subject areas. From Higher National Certificates and Diplomas, to Foundation Degrees and top-ups for BA and BSc Degrees.

Take control of your learning and discover the course that’s right for you by clicking the college you’re interested in here and selecting “View all HE courses”.

4. Contact us for Clearing Advice

We are here to support you and answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to start a Higher Education course with us this September, don’t miss out on securing your place. Contact us on our Clearing hotline 0800 612 6008 or