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An update following the Government’s latest exams announcement

06 January 2021

Activate Learning wants to ensure our students are given the opportunity to sit their exams after all the hard work and effort they’ve put in over what has been an incredibly challenging year. Having spoken to students, we know that many of them were keen to come in and do their exams and as we are able to support this safely we wanted to ensure they went ahead for these learners.


However, we also recognise that there will be those learners who have worked hard and want to do the exams, but who feel anxious about the potential risk of doing so at this time. Today, our BTEC examination board Pearson issued new guidance that states that should students choose not to sit their exams at this time, they will not be disadvantaged. Therefore, we will continue to offer exams as originally planned for those wishing to attend, but we will also support those students who don’t feel able to attend to ensure that they achieve their qualifications.

In regards to other, non-BTEC exams that were due to take place during this latest lockdown, we still have no further guidance in relation to these and so as it stands, those exams are still proceeding without an option to not sit them. If this should change, and there are further updates, we will let you know.

AS, A Level and GCSEs

We are also aware that today the Government has announced AS, A Level and GCSEs will be awarded based on teacher assessments. We are awaiting further guidance on what this will look like for our students and we will update you as and when we have further information. 

We hope this news will help manage any concerns or anxieties anyone had, and we hope everyone continues to stay safe.