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Activate Learning’s Reading College students celebrate A Level success

Reading College would like to congratulate the 71 students who passed their A Level qualifications today.

13 August 2020

Reading College would like to congratulate the 71 students who passed their A Level qualifications today. 

The Reading College physics department maintained a 100% pass rate for the second consecutive year, 6% above the national average. Government and politics students also secured a 100% pass rate, 4% above the national average. History and religious education also secured 100% pass rates, 2% above the national average for each subject.  

Sally Dicketts CBE, Chief Executive of Activate Learning, said: “I am delighted to see that so many of our students have succeeded and achieved some fantastic results this year and I’m thrilled to say that across Activate Learning our overall pass rate is up on last year.   

“I think this year has highlighted how important it is to apply yourself from day one and remain focused throughout your studies, and for those students that did this their efforts have been rewarded today.  

“As with every year, there are always some people that feel unhappy with the grades they’ve received, regardless of the special conditions that we’ve found ourselves in this year because of COVID.  

“We will support those students however we can to ensure that they are able to achieve the things they want and realise their ambitions.” 

Charlotte Horne from Reading was one of the college’s top performers, achieving two A* in mathematics, and psychology, as well as a B in business and an A in AS further maths. She will now take up an offer from the University of Bath where she will study economics.

Charlotte said: “I’m really happy, surprised and relieved with my results and I’m very excited to be going to university. 

“Thank you for all the support of my teachers, it has been amazing. My confidence has shot up since school and they made me believe in myself that I could do it. 

“I would really recommend the college as the teachers are amazing and I really liked the freedom of being more independent in my studies than if I had stayed on at school for sixth form.” 

Oliwia Milkiewicz from High Wycombe achieved an A in Psychology and Sociology and a B in Business. She has a place to study psychology at Lancaster University. 

Oliwia said: "I’m very happy with my results and I’m really excited about going to university. 

“My teachers were great and very supportive, they pushed us all to achieve the best we could. They have contributed to a lot of my successes at Reading College and so I’d like to thank them all for that.  

“I would recommend Reading College to others because the teachers put a lot of effort into their lessons and make it enjoyable and interactive, but still keep it quite independent.  

“I would like to especially thank my teachers Preeti and Kulvant for putting so much effort in all our lessons, from handmade booklets to giving us research tasks to keep us interested and engaged. They have always done a lot of work for us which is really appreciated, so a big thank you goes to them.” 

Naomi Pett from Reading achieved A’s in biology and psychology and a B grade in chemistry and has decided to take a year out to reapply to university to study medicine, go travelling and resit her chemistry. She was previously home-schooled before studying at Reading College.  

Naomi said: "I had little confidence before starting college, but over the two years that I was at college, and through the support from all my teachers, tutors and peers, I’ve managed to get where I am today, in a much happier and better position. 

“At the start, I could barely look anyone in the eye, but now I have made amazing friends, managed to actually do multiple group presentations, be a student representative and finish my A Levels! 

“I’m really happy with the results that I’ve got, it’s the best out of a bad situation and I’m going to keep working towards becoming a doctor.” 

Reading College teaches a wide range of A Levels including history, law, biology and accounting, as well as a degree-level qualifications in psychology and criminology and the Professional / Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Additionally, our extensive network of business partners means that we provide outstanding apprenticeship opportunities. 

The college is offering information, advice and guidance to anyone who is unsure as to what to do next after their A Levels.