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Chongqing College of Finance visit City of Oxford College

11 October 2019

We were delighted to recently host a delegation of the leadership team from Chongqing College of Finance and Economics at our Oxford campus. Chongqing College was established in 1956, with courses prodominently in finance and economics, but also including fashion and art. Their college is currently enlarging to 250,000 square meters and are aiming to increase student numbers to 10,000 per year.


The visit to Activate Learning was to explore the potential to become a collaboration partner, since our approval by the Chinese MOE to work with another college in the same city (see our related news story here for more information).  We also discussed further projects including short-term exchanges, cooperative education and teacher training.


We are very excited as this demonstrates that our profile in China is increasing.  The fact that we are now being actively sought after by Chinese colleges interested in internationalisation is an impressive achievement for the Activate Learning brand and our International team, who have wored hard over the last two years on a number of projects which have helped stimulate this interest.

Their visit was very positive and supported by Mark Burrows and Andy Slater from the Lifestyles faculty.