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International School Inaugurated

12 July 2019

Having been working with Talla Padmavathi Consortium for some time to provide teacher development of their college staff, we were approached by TCP to provide support in the form of consultation and development and we have been delighted to be involved in this project.


The inauguration was a very high profile affair featuring an Indian cabinet minister, the mayor of Warangal, and other luminaries. The press attention for the event was national and has led to much interest from parents in the state seeking to enrol their children in 2020.  We were represented by Niko Phillips on behalf of Activate Learning. Niko said ‘ We are immensely proud to be involved in this ground breaking development in the Indian primary school sector. TPIS have embraced contemporary notions of teaching and learning, the creative utilisation of classroom space, and student-centred classrooms encouraging up-to-date pedagogy. We will continue to work hand-in-glove with TPIS by providing regular teacher development visits in the coming year. In addition, we will provide Activate Learning teachers with opportunities to undertake short secondments to the school to teach, and share good practice.’ 


Supporting the Talla Padmavathi Consortium with their Talla Padmavathi International School (TPIS), Activate Learning International has provided curriculum development, and teacher training. The school is a highly progressive primary school that promises to develop 21st century citizens by focussing on life skills as well as academic outcomes.