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Bracknell and Wokingham College students celebrate A Level success

Bracknell and Wokingham College would like to congratulate the 56 students who passed their A Level qualifications.

15 August 2019

Students achieved strong results in mathematics, with 72% of this year’s cohort achieving an A*- C grade. Physics saw a 43% improvement in A*- B grades on last year with chemistry also seeing a 38% improvement. 

The Activate Learning college is celebrating after achieving a 100% pass rate in 12 out of 17 subjects.  



The college’s economics department achieved a 100% pass rate at A* - B grades. While the college’s history department maintained 100% pass rate for the second year in a row, 2% up on the national average. French secured 100% pass rate, 3% up on the national average and further maths secured 100% pass rate, 4% up on the national average.  

Sally Dicketts CBE, Chief Executive of Activate Learning, said: “I’m delighted to see that all the hard work and effort our students have put into their studies has been rewarded today.  

“At Activate Learning we work in partnership with our students to help them understand both what and how they need to learn.  We aim to create independent, confident, assured learners. 

“Throughout their journey with us we provide our learners with the support and guidance to give them this confidence and realisation that they need to really test themselves and to sometimes fail in order to learn even more effectively. 

“I’d like to wish everyone that is leaving Activate learning the very best of luck for the future.” 

Jack Readings, aged 19 years old from Bracknell was one of the college’s top performers, achieving a A* grade in further maths. He studied maths, accounting and AS business at Bracknell and Wokingham College last year and achieved A* for maths, A* for accounting and A for AS level Business. He will now take up an offer from The London School of Economics, University of London where he will study maths with economics.   

Jack said: “I did A Levels here because they offered accounting which not a lot of colleges do. I was originally going to do an apprenticeship, so I swapped some of my A Levels around, but then figured out I wanted to go to university, but obviously you need three A Levels. So I came back to do the third this year and worked at the same time to save money for university.  

“It’s also allowed me to realise what’s possible before I never thought I’d be here today with the grades I got.”  

Sophia Hesling, aged 19 years old from Binfield, achieved an A grade in Business and an A grade in History and an A grade in Extended Project Qualification and is going to The University of Warwick to study Law.   

Sophia Hesling said: “I went to school beforehand and didn’t really like it. The teachers just left you to your own devices and didn’t help you. The teachers here believed in you more. They were a lot more helpful and it made you want to try harder. And they just seemed to know their stuff more.”   

“You have more freedom here and people believe in you that you will do stuff so it’s nice. It gets you ready for university.” 

Also celebrating today was Hamza Akram, aged 19 years old from Reading who with an A grade in chemistry and a B grade in maths will go to the University of Bristol to  study medicine and hopes to become a doctor. Hamza retook his A Levels at Bracknell and Wokingham College after not doing so well at his previous school.  

Hamza said: “I really enjoyed my time here, even though it’s only been a year. The quality of teaching was really good, especially maths and chemistry. It was a really good learning environment and everything you needed was there.”  

Bracknell and Wokingham College teaches a wide range of A Levels including accountancy, fine art, politics and sociology, as well as degrees in children’s development and learning and educational practice. Additionally, our extensive network of business partners means that we provide outstanding apprenticeship opportunities.  

The college is offering information, advice and guidance to anyone who is unsure as to what to do next after their A levels.