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Higher education fees

You could get support for funding your higher education programme.

Higher education students on a university-level programme need to pay tuition fees.

However, you do NOT need to pay everything upfront.

You may be able to pay in instalments, or you can apply for a loan to help spread the costs.

Read on to find out about:

  • student loans
  • tuition fee loans and common questions
  • other financial information

If you’re studying full time, you can take out two student loans per academic year:

  • a tuition fee loan to cover your annual tuition fees in full
  • a maintenance loan to help with accommodation and other living costs (dependent on your household income)

When you are assessed for your fees, you are also assessed for a student loan.

Tuition fee loans

These are available to cover tuition fees for HNDs, Foundation Degrees or BA (Hons) Degrees. Part-time students can apply for a tuition fee loan too.

When do I have to pay it back?

You only start to pay the loan back when you earn over £25,000 per year.

How much do I pay each month?

You repay 9% of your income above £25,000 only. So, if your salary was £27,000, your repayment for the year is 9% of £2,000–around £15 per month.

What if my salary drops after I’ve started paying?

If your salary falls below £25,000 (you take a career break, for example) your repayments stop. Repayments only start again when you earn over that amount.

What if I reach retirement age before I’ve paid it off?

All loans are cleared after 30 years. If you have not repaid by then, it is written off.

Payment without loans

You might get financial help from your university or college with a bursary. Bursaries do not have to be paid back.

If you are paying your own tuition fees, an instalment plan can be arranged. Please complete our enquiry form.

Financial information

If you are a new student, or you need any further advice, visit the government’s student finance website.

If you have any other questions, contact us for up to date tuition fee information.

Please note tuition fees may increase in subsequent years both for new and continuing students in line with an inflationary amount determined by the government.