Jaguar Swallow Sidecar restoration project launch

30 April 2019

Join Activate Learning and Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust at the VIP launch of the Swallow Sidecar Restoration Project being undertaking by students of Banbury and Bicester College.

The launch is being hosted by Michael Quinn, Grandson and founder of Jaguar, Sir William Lyons and will be joined by students from Activate Learning who have been undertaking research prior to the start of the project.

Classic vehicle restoration students from Banbury and Bicester College will work on dismantled components of a Swallow Sidecar, throughout their study programme. They will restore into a fully assembled, finished product to a high standard. The components are believed to have been made between 1921-1922.

This key partnership project will see students retain the character of the original sidecar as they restore the former vehicle.

The vehicle requires extensive restoration work and will challenge the students' knowledge and abilities while working with the dismantled components provided.

It is missing numerous parts, requiring students to use their expertise and initiative to assemble and restore the sidecar to its former glory.

A fully assembled Swallow Sidecar will also be in attendance at the launch!

The event is intended to attract trade specialists and classical vehicle enthusiasts.

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