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Photography: Getting the most from your camera

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Woodley Hill House,
Eastcourt Avenue,
Reading, RG6 1HH

New and returning learners:

Please note that due to special measures we have put in place to make our sites COVID safe, we are asking all learners to enrol with us online. If you are unable to do so we can support you over the phone, simply call 0800 612 6008. Please do not enter our college sites without a prior appointment as we are managing the number of people on site at any time to comply with social distancing measures.

See information about the measures we are taking to keep learners safe while on campus.

Learn how to make the most of your camera on this engaging one-day course.

On this relaxed and informative one day workshop you will gain practical experience and understanding of using the different functions on your camera to give greater versatility and creativity to your photographic images.

Starting with a short lecture which will show what is possible to achieve by using different camera settings. The workshop will then focus on the practical aspect of working directly with your camera.  After lunch with tutor support and guidance, you will peer assess your work and look at ways to improve your techniques. 

An improved understanding of the capabilities of your camera through tutorial, practical lessons and peer assessment of your work, which should impact positively on the quality of your photographs.

Enrol onto another one-day photography workshop in this module and utilise the knowledge you have gained to improve your photographic results!

Activate Learning offer a range of learning for leisure photography courses and workshops across their Berkshire campuses. 

What I'll learn

  • Knowledge of all the variables that go into a correct exposure and the benefits of prioritising different elements 
  • ISO settings for varied light levels 
  • Aperture to control depth of field (the distance from the nearest to the furthest point of focus) 
  • Shutter speed to counteract camera shake, to freeze or blur movement within an image 
  • How to overrule your automatic in-camera flash settings 


Entry Requirements

  • Packed lunch (refreshments are available on site for a small cost)
  • A Digital SLR Camera 


How to Apply

You can register for this course online. Click on ENROL NOW and follow the steps below:

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This course will be run subject to demand. If you wish to enrol within one week of the start date, please call us on 0800 612 6008 first to check the course is running.