Get to Grips with Photoshop

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From the basic workspace to automated processes.

From the basic workspace to automated processes. This project based course provides a comprehensive overview of the main photo-manipulation tools and techniques including selections, masking, composites, working with layers and transformations, also using new advanced ways of working including the powerful Adobe Camera Raw plug-in and non-destructive editing options.

What I'll learn

  • File compression ie JPEG and find out what image resolution produces the best prints.
  • Explore the toolbox in Photoshop CC  - main tool functions including the selection tools, retouching and vector tools
  • Adjusting colour casts in photographs and improving hue and saturation.
  • Sample images will be provided during the course to practice on. You may bring along your own files
  • You will be shown the benefits of working with layers, by making a composite image from different pictures. Adding text and enhancing it with layer styles and effects e.g
  • Merging a colour photograph with a black and white photograph.
  • An introduction to channels and masks and other advanced methods and automation.


How I'll learn

Formal instruction. Discussion. Individual tuition. Audio visual. Practical demonstration. Practical expeience.


Entry Requirements

Basic computer skills essential.