Introduction into Playwriting

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What's it like to write for the stage? This is a chance to create dialogue, imagine the setting, the music, create a whole new world with words.

This course is lead by a contemporary playwright who will share her experience, prompting you to write in different styles, test out ideas and share the tools that help to open up your creative writing.

The course runs every day from 10am–4pm with a one-hour lunchbreak.

Whether you've never written before, you're experienced in another kind of writing, or you're a playwright looking to be part of a group to try out new ideas, this 'Introduction to Playwriting' course offers the opportunity to:

  • write a short play or monologue
  • learn the basics about structure, dialogue, humour, conflict and monologues 
  • gain an insight on how to get your work seen, read and staged

What I'll learn

You will learn about different styles of writing, how to create situations and conflict and what makes interesting theatre. You will also learn how to format a play and the art of dialogue and pushing action forward. We will also play with poetry and ultimately help you discover your voice.

By the end of the course, you will have a sketch book filled with ideas and a short play or monologue that you have written.


Entry Requirements

You will be provided paper and pens. We will also provide an open easy going environment. If you prefer working on a laptop, please bring your laptop. Otherwise just bring your enthusiasm and ideas!


How to Apply

To apply for this course, simply click on the ‘enrol’ button. You will then be taken to an enrolment form, where you will be asked to add your contact details and payment information.

Course places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We would encourage you to enrol on your chosen course as soon as possible.

If you prefer to enrol in person, please visit us at one of our college Advice Centres or enrol over the phone via 0800 612 6008.