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Kings Road,
Reading, RG1 4HJ

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15 weeks
15 weeks

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New and returning learners:

Please note that due to special measures we have put in place to make our sites COVID safe, we are asking all learners to enrol with us online. If you are unable to do so we can support you over the phone, simply call 0800 612 6008. Please do not enter our college sites without a prior appointment as we are managing the number of people on site at any time to comply with social distancing measures.

See information about the measures we are taking to keep learners safe while on campus.

Recap and build on your existing knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and improve your fluency in this relaxed and fun class.

If you have studied this language on a course either with us (Lower Intermediate, or Intermediate) or elsewhere then this course will enable you to recap and extend your knowledge.

You can check your language level with our downloadable guide on this page or check the entry requirements below.

If you would like to take the journey to the next level of your language ability in a relaxed environment, come and join us! The tutor will use a range of resources (videos, games, role-plays and handouts) to supplement the course book.

Please note: this course does not run during the half-term/end-of-term breaks.

What I'll learn

The topics are likely to include:

  • Tourism and sports
  • Health
  • Literature, art and history
  • describing your house
  • describing your home town
  • at the restaurant
  • different types of jobs and their functions

These may vary depending on the learners’ ability on the course.

This course does not lead to a formal qualification, but we are happy to discuss ways to take a formal qualification.


How I'll learn

Teaching methods include:

  • Audio/visual stimulation and immersion
  • Teacher-led, formal instruction
  • Group and pair work
  • Discussions

You will have the chance to use the language in real-life situations through fun and engaging role-plays and lively group discussions.

You will also have access to specialised websites for home learning.

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to develop your language skills according to your own specific needs.


Entry Requirements

Read the 'can do' statements below. Which statements apply to you?

  • I can use adjectives, comparatives and superlatives with some confidence
  • I can compare past events using the past perfect and the past perfect continuous
  • I can use the conditional and talk about the future confidently
  • I can describe people and things (eg, my family, my house)
  • I know something about transitive and intransitive verbs
  • I can write an essay of 60-80 words on a familiar topic.
  • I can give and respond to invitations
  • I can understand some authentic listening and reading material
  • I can express and understand feelings and points of view with some confidence
  • I can use some pronominal verbs(if applicable to the language)
  • I can manage prepositions and combined prepositions with some confidence
  • I can listen and respond to discussions on a range of straightforward topics
  • I can understand the gist of a short dialogue

If at least ten of the above statements apply to you, an Intermediate Course (either semester/phase) should be suitable for you, although it is recommended that, if possible, you do semester 1 before semester 2.

If you're unsure, call 0800 612 6008 or contact us here with any questions you may have and we'll get you on the right course.


How to Apply

You can register for this course online. Click on ENROL NOW and follow the steps below:

  • Register your contact details online and verify your account
  • Go to your desired course page and click again on ENROL NOW. Follow the link to pay for your course

Course places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We would encourage you to enrol on your chosen course as soon as possible. If you prefer to enrol in person please visit us at one of our college Advice Centres or enrol over the phone via 0800 612 6008.

This course will be run subject to demand. If you wish to enrol within one week of the start date, please call us on 0800 612 6008 first to check the course is running.