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This is a course for complete beginners who have never learned German before.

You will develop basic communication skills in everyday contexts. The main focus of the course is on speaking and listening skills but you will also get practice in reading and writing.

All courses are sub-divided into Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3, each phase corresponding to one term of the academic year. 

The courses are progressive and, while students are welcome to enrol at any of the three starting points, they are advised to contact the college for information on topics already covered in the previous phase(s) before doing so.

Our career pathways show you a typical route through the various stages of learning, what you will learn along the way and the careers these programmes could lead onto.

What I'll learn

You will learn language skills to help you: 

  • socialise
  • ask simple questions
  • make hotel reservations
  • order food and drinks
  • use numbers in various contexts (price, quantity, time etc)


How I'll learn

You will have access to specialised websites and the chance to use the language in real life situations. You also get the opportunity to develop your language skills according to your own specific needs.


How I'll be assessed

This is a learning for leisure course, with no formal assessments. 


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. This course is for complete beginners. 


How to Apply

To apply for this course, simply click on the ‘enrol’ button. You will then be taken to an enrolment form, where you will be asked to add your contact details and payment information.

Course places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We would encourage you to enrol on your chosen course as soon as possible.

If you prefer to enrol in person, please visit us at one of our college Advice Centres or enrol over the phone via 0800 612 6008.