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Key information

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Level 1

A bespoke transition programme into further education to meet your needs.

This full-time programme is delivered by the ASC team for a complete wrap around service to support young people in SEND courses or Level 1–Level 4 academic programmes.

A core team of specialist staff are trained to support anxiety, increase self-awareness, motivation, study skills, social skills, resilience and employability skills.

This programme aims to develop a culture of high aspirations and expectations for our learners to enable excellent progression to further education, supported internships or paid work.

What I'll learn

As your programme will be centred around you, we will select the right level units and qualifications for you to work towards. This could be a range of academic and personal development work.

If you apply for a full vocational or academic course, you will find more information from the faculty that are delivering your qualification directly. We will support you to access this qualification and where appropriate additional work for you to work towards your personal targets of independence, social skills and/or employment.

If you are learning full-time in the ASC hub you may work on:

  • self-regulation and problem solving
  • independence skills
  • social skill development
  • speech and language development
  • accessing the local community
  • travel training


How I'll learn

Your bespoke curriculum could be delivered in a variety of ways to meet your needs. This could be on a 1:1 basis, small working groups or infilling into vocational or academic classes.

You will have a high level of support from your Learning Support Assistant, peer group and teachers. When working directly with the ASC service you may have a combination of learning online, practical real life activities, small group work and 1:1 study skill support in an ASC hub.


How to Apply

To register your interest and contact the Foundation Learning team, you do not need to complete the full college application form. Please complete this short form.