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Is English not your first language? Are you interested in preparing for internationally recognised exams FCE and CAE?

Improve your English skills and work towards a high level Cambridge exam (FCE or CAE) with our part-time EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses.

You study for two hours a week over a 10-week period to prepare for the exam of your choice.

Improve your English, make new friends, learn about British culture and enjoy yourself! 

Our career pathways show you a typical route through the various stages of learning, what you will learn along the way and the careers these programmes could lead onto.

What I'll learn

You will improve your language so that you can use English more effectively at work and in academic environment.

You will also be awarded a College certificate as you complete the course. As a student of City of Oxford College, you will receive outstanding care, guidance and support as well as access to our excellent leisure and learning facilities: Lifestyle Centre, Library and Learning Centres and the College Virtual Learning Environment Moodle.

  • Effective strategies to prepare for FCE/CAE exams
  • Correct English pronunciation
  • Accurate spoken English for formal and informal situations
  • Grammatical patterns  
  • Vocabulary and phrases used by native speakers.  
  • How to write reports, letters and articles
  • Study skills


How I'll learn

You will:

  • Prepare for the exams and improve your general English using real language situations
  • Work in pairs or small groups to improve your spoken fluency, accuracy and pronunciation and maximise your learning
  • Receive written homework that your teacher will mark and give feedback on


How I'll be assessed

You must have an initial assessment and an interview to check if the course is suitable for you. Please contact Learner Services to book your free assessment.


Entry Requirements

You will study for three hours per week. Maximum class size - 20. Each 10 week term has a fee of £280. For more information or to book an assessment, please contact the college. Course fees and exam entry fees may be subject to change.


How to Apply

Please see this page for details on how to apply.

Examination entry is optional and exam costs are not included in the course fee. Current exam cost is £150. Details of planned exam dates and how to register for the exam are provided at the assessment. Please contact Advice and Admissions for more info.