Mastery Workshop: Producing for TV, Film and Media

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A one-day workshop from award-winning film and TV producer, Carl Schoenfeld. These guided discussions and group activities are designed for film and TV professionals and media freelancers to set up their film and broadcast projects.

Mastery Workshops are designed for participants with some industry exposure. If you are looking to boost your career in the media industry, or are looking for your big break, these courses are for you.

  1. Producing for TV, Film and Media
  2. Production Planning for TV, Film and Media
  3. Film Industry Networking

This first of three workshops explores what it takes to produce a film or broadcast programme independently or for a client.

Producers develop their careers by falling in love with stories and talent and combining both to make films, TV or web series. Then these careers grow, from corporate to documentaries, from web series to TV, from TV to feature film.

Creatives build their skills in storytelling and production by immersing themselves into the industry, but when it comes to driving their own project—perhaps a story they feel passionate about, or a project to generate income during down time from freelance jobs—insufficient understanding of industry, market, legal and business requirements can lead to expensive mistakes or even the collapse of their projects. These workshops will help mitigate these risks.

The programme is led by voting member of BAFTA and award-winning film and TV producer, Carl Schoenfeld.

Carl Schoenfeld

Carl has over three decades’ producing experience in the film & TV industries, laying the groundwork for fresh approaches across filmmaking procedures and talent development initiatives. 
His ventures with the BBC, Channel4/Film4 and BFI, among others, have embraced emerging technology, explored new workflows and kick-started the international careers of the talent involved. 
Check out student testimonies from his previous courses on his LinkedIn profile: 
Carl Schoenfeld ©2019

Please note: lunch is included in the price. Please let us know of any dietary requirements or allergies beforehand.

What I'll learn

This first workshop focuses on the big picture, in other words:

  • articulating and formalising ideas according to industry requirements and formats
  • how to make informed decisions
  • map research needs
  • manage risks and legal obligations
  • how to share project rewards with collaborators fairly 

If you already have a story you want to develop, or you want guidance on sourcing adequate material, we’ll help you take ownership and get your project ‘market ready’. 

Finance, setting up the business, marketing and distribution, all need to be structured well in advance. Or you may be a freelancing director of photography, sound recordist, or editor with your own equipment and keen to make your investment work for you by investing ‘sweat equity’ into a new talent, thus effectively becoming a co-producer. Or, maybe you are working with a company and have some great ideas for growth or diversification that you want to put forward in a professional way.

Together we will consider questions and procedures to explore opportunities and find ways to make these opportunities work for you. 

  • How can you find data about your sector and market? 
  • What kind of financing may be available for your project, and what would financiers expect before releasing funds? 
  • How can you reduce investor risk by attracting visible cast and arranging a ‘slate’ of projects? 
  • Who should be part of your team to get a TV commission? 
  • What are the documents and agreements that you need to put together to demonstrate that you brought together the right talent to turn the screenplay or documentary treatment into a profitable investment opportunity? 

"In terms of my previous ideas, where I thought more about, 'you just really have to struggle to get your film made and then you’re fine', I know that is of course not the case. I think the bigger struggle is getting it sold and distributed." 
First-time Cannes Film Festival Attendee


How I'll learn

Through discussion and collaborative projects, together, we’ll explore questions, strategies and procedures on how to draw on your potential and to work with others to get a grasp of what you will need to produce a film or broadcast industry project. 

You may want to express your knowledge, sector expertise and core idea through a project business plan that clarifies the resource requirements and market opportunities and we can help you do that. 
Some of the documentation may be drawn up by your team at a later stage but having all the relevant facts and figures in place will make this a relatively simple, and cheaper, process. 

“I know many of us go to art schools to avoid the troubles of having to attend finance or business classes. However, they are of the utmost importance and should be required by all art schools film or otherwise. In many respects if you’re to become a filmmaker you are in business for yourself and as a self-employed person you have to understand the ins and outs regarding how to manage your finances. This is important. Trust me.” 
Andrew Robinson, director
In the Darkness, Shimmer, April Showers


How to Apply

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