Mastery Workshop: Film Industry Networking

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A one-day workshop from award-winning film and TV producer, Carl Schoenfeld. These guided discussions and group activities are designed for film and TV professionals and media freelancers to find relevant partners, investors and collaborators.

Mastery Workshops are designed for participants with some industry exposure. If you are looking to boost your career in the media industry, or are looking for your big break, these courses are for you.

  1. Producing for TV, Film and Media
  2. Production Planning for TV, Film and Media
  3. Film Industry Networking

This third of three workshops explores what you can do to identify, approach and negotiate with partners suitable for your projects, companies or career aims.

We will also look at how industry professionals:

  • map projects
  • identify business needs
  • research potential connections to make informed decisions
  • manage teams

The programme is led by voting member of BAFTA and award-winning film and TV producer, Carl Schoenfeld.

Carl Schoenfeld

Carl has over three decades’ producing experience in the film & TV industries, laying the groundwork for fresh approaches across filmmaking procedures and talent development initiatives. 
His ventures with the BBC, Channel4/Film4 and BFI, among others, have embraced emerging technology, explored new workflows and kick-started the international careers of the talent involved. 
Check out student testimonies from his previous courses on his LinkedIn profile: 
Carl Schoenfeld ©2019

Please note: lunch is included in the price. Please let us know of any dietary requirements or allergies beforehand.

What I'll learn

This second of three workshops will explore what it takes to make a team capable of making a film or broadcast programme independently or for a client.

Film and media projects, ranging from short films via theatrical features to boxed set TV series, all require teams with a wide variety of skill sets, who all need to contribute and push the work into one coherent direction. 

Some creatives develop lifelong collegiate relationships at film school, others seek out and find like-minded allies when working on film shoots or when presenting their work at film festivals. Whether you are at film school now or employed in the industry, we’ll help you to build and maintain connections with collaborators.

Projects can fall apart if expectations aren’t communicated, or personalities clash and we’ll discuss strategies to avoid this outcome too.

The strategies we discuss are based on interviews with filmmakers ranging from a recent debut writer-director to several BAFTA and Oscar winners with a combined box office of US$730 million.

"Filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself."
Steven Spielberg, Director
ET, Schindler's List


How I'll learn

Through discussion and collaborative projects, together, we’ll explore questions, strategies and procedures on how to connect with others to:

  • take the next step in your freelance career
  • get backing for a project
  • find a film crew
  • market your film

The work we do in the workshop is all designed to be adaptable for your own specific requirements. 
If you just have an idea for a film and want to develop it with a particular director or producer, we’ll explore ways that you can connect with them through industry opportunities, social media or a very well written, focused, professional letter.

We will be working on ways to present yourself to the industry at industry events, in meetings, and digitally; how to work a crowd, without becoming cynical. 

"Recognising power in another does not diminish your own. I am a great believer in found families."
Joss Whedon, Writer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Alien Resurrection, Avengers Assemble


How to Apply

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