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Discover illustration in a relaxed learning environment of exploration and development

This 6 week course is a fantastic creative opportunity giving you an insight on what it’s like to make illustrations. You will be given exercises and projects that provide an understanding of how to plan and make illustrations.

Our career pathways show you a typical route through the various stages of learning, what you will learn along the way and the careers these programmes could lead onto.

What I'll learn

The learning atmosphere will be one of exploration and development with the encouragement of a practicing illustrator alongside your peers. You will be introduced to a range of different materials provided on the course and encouraged to experiment.

You will gain an understanding of how illustrations work, and an overview of the broad range of contexts for illustration. You will explore your own style and experiment with a range of methods that you can use in illustration projects. 


How I'll learn

Basic materials will be provided, such as pencils, paper, inks, paints and brushes but you should bring a sketch book. Those with more experience are welcome to bring your own items if you have preferences, such as good quality brushes, materials etc.

You can progress to the next Illustration course to begin to develop an illustration portfolio, or begin an illustrated book project of your own.


How I'll be assessed

The group will be taught in an informative and supportive atmosphere, and you will be encouraged to share your work with others and discuss ideas and approaches in critiques. You should bring in examples of illustration work that you admire in week 1.