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All of us has a story to tell and so, if you would like to learn how to write fiction that will please you and delight others, then this is the course for you.

We aim to equip you with sound, practical techniques and tips to enable you to create a great story with interesting characters dropped head first into fascinating situations!

You will learn about the basic principles of creative writing: 1. Character. 2. Plot. 3. Dialogue. 4. Point of view. 5. Editing. 

What I'll learn

How do you start a story so that a reader always wants to know what happens next? What techniques will work best for your story? For example: what tense is more appropriate, past tense or present tense? Should you write in third person or first, and how will your choice affect the story? How will your descriptions and choice of vocabularly influence your world building? How should you structure your dialogue?

If this course takes your fancy, you almost certainly have an urge to write, and may have been doing so for a while so what the course hopes to give you is the confidence to continue and the bravery to share your work with others on the course!


How I'll learn

Learners will be encouraged to work on their creative writing projects at home.


How I'll be assessed

There are no formal assessments for this course.


Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements; all you will need is enthusiasm, an open mind, pen, paper or laptop if preferred.


How to Apply

To enrol for this course, simply click on the ‘enrol’ button. You will then be taken to an enrolment form, where you will be asked to add your contact details and payment information.

Course places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We would encourage you to enrol on your chosen course as soon as possible.

If you prefer to enrol in person please visit us at one of our college Advice Centres or enrol over the phone via 0800 612 6008.