Creative Industries Development Workshops

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A series of 10 evening workshops to facilitate emerging creatives, career changers and those expanding their existing businesses. 

Creative Industries are growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy, and procedures change with accelerating pace.

Adapting to new business models, media platforms and changing consumer habits presents producers with a range of opportunities as well as challenges.

Many creatives embrace products and services they feel passionate about but lack adequate support to raise investment and develop their business.

Government agency UKCES anticipates a very high proportion of micro enterprises and self-employment within the digital and creative sector, but they warn that “this may create challenges in terms of personal development, since small organisations and the self-employed may be less likely to undertake training: […] Skills gaps present a number of challenges, but for digital and creative firms there is a particular risk that innovation and competitiveness may be harmed” (2015).

We are offering Media Production Bootcamp from 17-22 June and 3 exclusive Mastery workshops:

  1. Mastery Workshop: Producing for TV, Film and Media
  2. Mastery Workshop: Film Industry Networking
  3. Mastery Workshop: Production Planning for TV, Film and Media


Carl Schoenfeld, Producer

Carl has over three decades’ producing experience in the film and TV industries, laying the groundwork for fresh approaches across filmmaking procedures and talent development initiatives. His ventures with BBC, Channel4/Film4, BFI, etc., have embraced emerging technology, explored new workflows and kick-started the international careers of the talent involved.

His ground breaking A Sarajevo Diary and Eutopia! established the digital revolution in documentary film. Carl’s first feature production My Brother Tom, a love story that pioneered digital production opportunities, introduced actor Ben Whishaw and travelled to more than 40 festivals where it picked up 14 awards including ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ at the BIFAs. He also produced Simon Rumley’s The Living and the Dead, premiered at Rotterdam, with top prizes at Harry Knowles’ FantasticFest and further awards at Sitges, Frightfest and the cultish Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Carl developed the series Heimat III with legendary auteur director Edgar Reitz, a slate of feature films for Tall Stories and set up the Raindance production arm, Raindance Rawtalent. Currently, Carl develops feature films with director Simon Rumley and with rising director Dean Anderson, who got Carl’s attention with his bold yet straightforward short films Class 15, Grace and Jasper.

Drawing on his film industry career management skills, he has been regularly invited to speak at festivals, film schools and training organisations and coproduction markets across Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. He currently teaches a 30 week Screenwriting programme at the University of Oxford. 

What I'll learn

Together as a group we will investigate the application of business development strategies in case studies. Through regular contributions, students will actively develop their observation of their chosen industry segment, grow their ability to communicate their product or service ideas alongside established concepts such as customer journey, unique selling point, stakeholder mapping, impact and feasibility, as well as build an increasing awareness of the creative needs and opportunities evolving from their project. 

Working with participant projects in active development, we will examine creative development procedures as part of a wider web of industry institutions and procedures. Here emerging entrepreneurs will get to respond to the variety of traditions, agendas and expectations that their immediate collaborators (as well as audiences and investors) bring to a creative idea.


How I'll learn

The Creative Industries Development Workshops are designed to support students with assessing the effect of developments like emerging workflows, globalisation and audience tastes on your business, projects and career. Working alongside peers, students will explore ways to identify new markets, extended storytelling approaches and interact with growing, profitable digital applications.

  1. Introduction: Your Product – Project – Company – Career 
  2. Management and Leadership
  3. Researching, developing and evaluating projects
  4. Legal Issues
  5. Project Management 
  6. Business and Finance Skills
  7. Marketing and Distribution 
  8. Ethics
  9. Pitching and Negotiation
  10. Final Pitches


How to Apply

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Course places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We would encourage you to enrol on your chosen course as soon as possible. If you prefer to enrol in person please visit us at one of our college Advice Centres or enrol over the phone via 0800 612 6008.

This course will be run subject to demand. If you wish to enrol within one week of the start date, please call us on 0800 612 6008 first to check the course is running.