Beauty Level 2 Technical Certificate

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This course allows students to learn and develop skills in providing a wide range of professional beauty treatments.

Supported by expert beauty tutors, this course will cover the full-range of beauty therapy subjects and you will learn how to provide a range of professional beauty treatments. You will also be supported to develop confidence and customer service skills within an industry standard salon.

Our career pathways show you a typical route through the various stages of learning, what you will learn along the way and the careers these programmes could lead onto.

What I'll learn

Topics covered include: facial and skin care, cosmetic make-up, manicure, waxing, pedicure, health and safety standards, salon managerial skills, anatomy and physiology, lash and brow treatments, sales skills, customer service and conversational techniques. Functional skill such as maths and/or English (dependant on individual needs) and enterprise weeks will also form part of your programme of study.

You will learn various aspects of skin care and make-up treatments, methods of waxing and basic hair removal and how to give luxury manicures and pedicures. Your study will also look at employment standards and you will develop your communication skills for when dealing with clients.

You will learn about stock control, selling and health and safety so you are aware of safe working practices and salon practices. You will have the opportunity to work in the college salons, supporting other students and dealing with clients in a real commercial environment.


How I'll learn

You'll learn through discussions, expert demonstrations by experienced beauty practitioners and practical activities in our industry-standard facilities. We are open to the public and are run like a professional salon, so you'll have the opportunity to practice your professional beauty treatments on customers, whilst gaining work experience in the industry.

Your course will also involve a one-week work placement and will be involved in organising and taking part in several enrichment activities that are linked to producing a portfolio of your work. This course requires a large amount of self-directed study and you will also undertake a functional skill in ICT, maths or communications.


How I'll be assessed

Assessment is continuous throughout the course. It includes six written exams, practical observations, oral questions, written assessments and some assignments. You will also produce a portfolio showcasing example of your work. A minimum of 85% attendance is required by the Examining Board and the college for the successful completion of the qualification.


Entry Requirements

Beauty Therapy Level 1 Diploma and Functional Skills or entry by successful interview, with an emphasis on life skills, employer references, and previous education and communication skills


How to Apply

Applying for one of our programmes is easy.

You can apply for a vocational programme online. Simply follow the link to ‘Apply now’ on your chosen programme page. You will then be asked to register or log in to progress with your application. As part of your application, you will be asked to provide us with your contact details, how your chosen programme fits with your future plans and if you require any extra support (for example, because of a disability, medical condition, learning or language support needs.) Printed application forms are also available. Please contact our Careers team if you need advice and guidance to help you choose the right programme for you.