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We will be exploring the popular medium of line and wash where there is a good balance between line and colour.

Line is created by a pen to establish the form of the subject and colour is added with paint to describe the mood. 

What I'll learn

You will learn how to use pens to make expressive marks and then add light washes of colour to enhance the atmosphere of the painting. 

Materials will be provided but you may wish to bring along the following:

  • Red, blue and yellow watercolour paints 
  • Waterproof pen with a fairly fine nib eg pilot
  • Several 1:4 imperial or A4 sheets of Not (cold pressed) watercolour paper 140lbs/300gsm
  • Large (at least size 12) round watercolour brush
  • Medium (approx size 6) round watercolour brush
  • Pencil


How I'll learn

There will be plenty of objects and images for you to work from but if there is a particular image that you would like to use, please bring it with you. 


How I'll be assessed

There is no formal assessment. 


Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for all abilities including beginners though some drawing skills will be useful. 


How to Apply

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This course will be run subject to demand. If you wish to enrol within one week of the start date, please call us on 0800 612 6008 first to check the course is running.