Art - Exploring Acrylics and Oils Term 3

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Suitable for those with some drawing and painting experience.

Suitable for those with some drawing and painting experience, this course provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the huge possibilities that these media present and exploit them appropriately.  You will be supported through demonstration and instruction by an experienced tutor.

What I'll learn

  • Tonal drawing as a starting point.
  • Working form a restricted palette.
  • Glazing techniques in oils and acrylics.
  • Exploring different mark making.
  • Exploring past and contemporary painting techniques.
  • Improving colour mixing skills and expanding the knowledge of colour pigments.
  • Understanding the uses of different mediums in acrylics.
  • Exploring different brush techniques.
  • Working towards developing own style in painting and expanding creative thinking.
  • Improve understanding of picture composition.


How I'll learn

Discussion, Formal instruction, Individual tuition, Practical demonstration, Practical experience.


Entry Requirements

An enthusiasm to investigate and explore painting with oil and acrylic. You should have some previous drawing and painting experience.