Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

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The Extended Project is a free standing qualification that you can take alongside your A2 subjects.

The Extended Project will either extend from one or more of your study areas or will be from an area of personal interest or activity. It is your opportunity to undertake and get credit for an extended piece of work on something you are really interested in and present it in whatever format you think is appropriate.

What I'll learn

How to present your own ideas in original and interesting ways, independent and creative thinking.


How I'll learn

You need good organisation skills, an interest in a specific topic and a good standard of written English if you are intending to produce an essay-based project.


How I'll be assessed

The EPQ will set you apart from other people as it demonstrates your willingness to carry out a piece of extended work and demonstrate that you have developed crucial skills for the workplace or further study.

You can move on to university where the skills you have developed on the extended project will help you to succeed on a wide range of courses. Depending on your chosen topic you will have developed skills experience and knowledge useful in the work place.


Entry Requirements

This course can be studied as part of the second year of any pathway within the A-level programme.