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Are you fascinated by people’s behaviour and interested in understanding what motivates people to do certain things?

Psychology involves the study of the mind and behaviour. This A-level is a good introduction to Psychology and will give you a broad introduction into the different theories on what affects our behaviour. 

Your psychology programme will look at the methods used to study human beings and different aspects of human behaviour.

This course can be studied as part of the Business, Communications, Science or Social Science Pathway.


What I'll learn

Studying psychology will involve learning about: the different theories about what affects behaviour the methods used to study human beings different aspects of human behaviour. 

Your study will include the following: 

  • Unit 1: introducing psychology (research approaches to psychology gender) 
  • Unit 2: individual differences social psychology and cognitive psychology 
  • Unit 3: child development and options (atypical and forensic psychology) 
  • Unit 4: perspectives debates and research methods in psychology


How I'll learn

Course activities are a combination of practical exercises and theory. You will have your own specialist personal tutor who you will meet individually or as part of a group tutorial. They will help you set, review and achieve your targets. 

There is an extensive programme of support to help you make higher education decisions and move on to university. The vast majority of A-level students progress successfully to higher education.

There is an a range of enrichment opportunities also on offer. You will be encouraged to select from a range, including volunteering, work experience, sport and performing.



How I'll be assessed

All of the assessments for this course are through timed examinations.


Entry Requirements

Minimum six academic GCSEs at A*-C (4) including English language and maths but excluding PE, dance, catering i.e. subjects with a large practical component.

For this subject you will also need a minimum grade 5 in GCSE English (language or literature) and minimum grade 4 in GCSE maths.

With three A-levels, the possibilities are endless. You can progress to higher education to study a variety of different subjects at degree level. A-levels also offer a high standard of education which many employers require as part of their entry criteria onto training programmes. An A-level in psychology is a subject that is valued by universities.


How to Apply

Applying for one of our programmes is easy.

You can apply for a vocational programme online. Simply follow the link to ‘apply now’ on your chosen programme page. You will then be asked to register or log in to progress with your application.

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide us with your contact details, how your chosen programme fits with your future plans and if you require any extra support (for example, because of a disability, medical condition, learning or language support needs.)

Printed application forms are also available on request by calling us on 0800 612 6008 or visiting us at one of our college Advice Centres.

Please contact our Careers team if you need advice and guidance to help you choose the right programme for you.