A-level Government and Politics

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If you are interested in the world around you, how our country works and follow current events, A-level Government and Politics is for you.

The course will help you develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics, and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes. The focus of the course is very much on contemporary UK and global political issues. You are expected to keep up with the news throughout the course.

You might be interested in political events happening on national or international scale. You might want to know how the British political system works. You might be interested in the debate about the EU referendum or wondered what the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ mean in a political sense. If so, Politics could be for you!  

What I'll learn

You will be following the OCR specification.

First year (AS):

  • Unit 1: Contemporary Politics of the UK
  • Unit 2: Contemporary Government of the UK

Second year (A2):

  • Unit 3: Political ideas and concepts
  • Unit 4: Political ideas and concepts in practice


How I'll learn

You will gain a knowledge and understanding of how the British political system works. You will also develop the skills necessary for further academic study, such as strong report writing, essay writing and study skills, including presentation skills. 

If you enjoy the subject then you will have the opportunity to progress to A2 level where the focus is more on political concepts and ideas both in theory and practice.

You will also improve the wider skills vital for success in further study or employment, including self-confidence, speaking in front of others, working with others, taking responsibility and managing your time. By the end of the course you will have benefited from Individual support, including clear advice about higher education and careers.


How I'll be assessed

Formal assessment is through examinations. The examination periods are in May and June. There will be a range of regular assignments, essays and class based assessments to help you develop your study skills for the next educational step. Individual learning targets are set each term and you will receive regular feedback on your progress in meeting these targets.

You will require a core text book: 'AS UK Government & Politics' by Lynch and Fairclough, Hodder Education. You will also need pens, A4 lined paper and a folder.  


Entry Requirements

All A-level students must have six C grades in academic subjects at GCSE, including English and maths, at grade 5 but excluding PE, dance, IT i.e. subjects with a large practical component.

For this subject you also need GCSE English language grade 5.



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