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Strengthening our community links

It’s been an unprecedented year for business and education alike, and we have faced many challenges over the past few months. At Activate Learning we had to adapt quickly to the situation and worked hard to move our offering to learners onto our digital platforms – something we have seen enormous success with

Throughout the year we have been engaging with businesses and asking them to set virtual assignments for learners, attend our online lessons and send our students motivational messages to inspire them throughout this unprecedented time.  

For those of you who have engaged with this across this period, we would like to say a big thank you! We cannot overstate the importance of your support and ask that you continue to do so for the benefits of our students, the workforce of the future.   

We are now starting to look ahead to the future and plan for the post-coronavirus landscape and put in place plans 2021 and beyond. 

How can you help to grow the next generation of talent for your business?

Your involvement in our learners’ education is so important and there are many ways that you can provide them with support and help them to develop. These include: 

  • Outlining your capacity for industry placements and work experience as soon as it becomes feasible to do so 

  • Setting virtual projects where placements may not be possible 

  • Taking part in our virtual Open Events and helping to attract the next generation of talent to your sector 

  • Mentoring students and offering one-to-one guidance 

  • Joining online classes and teaching sessions or, when feasible, coming into college and sitting in on a class 

  • Creating inspiring videos to encourage our learners or promote the area of learning that relates to your business. 

Looking to the future

Over the coming weeks the faculty areas of our business that work most closely with you, will continue to reach out in order to create plans across this academic year. 

This will include: 

  • Setting up employer-based learning projects 

  • Confirming potential placements (Government advice pending) 

  • Discussing any health and safety requirements that may need to be addressed post COVID-19 

  • Assessing your potential to take part in student inductions 

  • Discussing the potential for staff placements within your business as part of our commitment to continuing professional development 

Your feedback is important to us

 We also want to take this opportunity to seek your views on how we are doing as education provider. We would like to hear about your experiences of working with us and would ask you to take moment to complete our short survey.