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Soumaya Arfa

Trainee media teacher (Oxford)

My favourite part of working at Activate Learning is the opportunity for Continued Professional Development.  

Since starting work here I’ve done several courses at Soho Editors in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Aftereffects…I’m going to a summer school at Brighton Film School for three weeks for experience working on production team…I’ll be working in the foley studio and will get hands-on experience that will help me to develop my students even further. 

Activate Learning is also a really ‘buzzy’ place. Being around different creators and creative people…it’s a lot of fun to collaborate and feel like part of a team. 

One of the things I most enjoy about working here is that I teach a lot of students. I really enjoy the breakthrough moments when students who are really struggling suddenly have that Eureka moment and ‘get it’.  

Also, the collaboration between the departments is great. When we are making music videos, we can go and work with the music students to get help with the music, or if we’re making props, we can go to the workshops we have here and make what we need…It’s great to build that collaborative environment for the students too; to work like a production team. 

It's also great to have managers that are really helpful and understanding. I’m a single mum, so sometimes life can get a little tricky, so having a manager that is supportive and understanding is important for me.  

I think the AL team is inspirational. A while ago I raised a concern with Sally Dicketts (CEO) and to have her respond to my concern and then meet with me personally really opened my eyes to the fact that although we are a big organisation, everyone speaks to one another on the same level. We also have a great mental health team here. We have great advocates for the LGBT community and a brilliant student union…just the fact that the staff all work together to help each other out is great.