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Student Engagement Team Leader

My favourite part about working for Activate Learning is the size of the organisation. I’m part of the group services so I work across all eight of our campuses. That means I get to work with a variety of different people every day, a variety of students, and get a real insight into the creative work that I do with our students.

 The Activate Learning environment is really diverse. We’ve gone through a couple of recent mergers, so now we have a lot of people who’ve worked for a number of different organisations who now work for our organization and that means that people who have had different experiences have different opinions, different insights, and it just means that we are continually in state of learning and growing together. As my role is largely extra-curricular based, it changes with contemporary topics and it’s really helpful to have a lot of different opinions so what we are doing for students is always topical, relevant and engaging.

Part of what I like so much about working here is that I genuinely have the freedom to put on whatever I think is going to be beneficial for our students. Whether that’s being engaged in our Learner’s Voice programme, being a member of our Student Union, or helping with Mental Health Awareness Week, I know that these kinds of opportunities have been proven to really aid students’ learning and development. Outside of their studies, the kind of activities my team puts on help students develop their soft skills too, so that’s really rewarding.  

 I find it really inspiring that, even though my team is so diverse as I’ve said before—with people coming from different organisations, different backgrounds, different countries—we’ve all come together with the same aims and goals to help our students get the best out of their education.