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Employee Privacy Notice

Activate Learning is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy notice explains how we collect, use and share your personal information, and your rights in relation to the personal information we hold.
This privacy notice concerns employees, workers and contractors of Activate Learning.
Activate Learning Further Education Corporation is the controller of personal information, and is subject to the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We may collect, use and share your personal information in order to meet Activate Learning’s obligations as an employer.

What information we hold

The categories of personal information that we collect, hold and share include:

  • Personal information (such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account details, national insurance number, contact details, photographs, your nationality and your country of birth)
  • Characteristics (such as whether you have a disability, your gender, your race or ethnicity, your religion or belief, your sexual orientation, the languages you speak)
  • Employment information (such as attendance records, disciplinary records, performance management information, appraisal records and training records, data created in the course of your duties)
  • Skills and experience information (such as details you provided as part of your application to join us, your CV, details of your employment history, references provided by previous employers, results of selection tests and notes made at the selection activities you took part in)
  • Medical information (such as doctor contact details, relevant medical conditions, the pre-employment medical questionnaire which you completed upon induction, fit notes received from your doctor and reports from our Occupational Health provider)
  • Contract information (such as your start date, your salary history and current salary, terms and conditions of employment, income tax and national insurance contributions, membership of pension schemes, other employment benefits)
  • Records of safeguarding checks which we have undertaken including the number of the Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate we received, a record that we confirmed your identity and your right to work in the UK including any visa which you may hold

Why we hold your information

We use staff information to:

  • Enable assessment and improvement of the workforce
  • Facilitate the execution of duties in the role for which the staff member is employed
  • Inform the development of employment policy and strategy
  • Further the aims of Activate Learning
  • Comply with the law regarding data sharing
  • Comply with our contractual obligations
  • Pay you for the work you have undertaken
  • Deduct income tax and national insurance contributions and remit them to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Recoup any funds owed by you to Activate Learning
  • Deduct pension contributions and remit them to the pension scheme of which you are a member

The lawful basis for using this information

Under GDPR, we are able to process information on certain legal grounds (bases). In the case of staff information, we collect and use information under the following bases:

  • The fulfilment of contract
  • Legal obligation
  • In the case of photographs and some sharing activity, legitimate interests
  • In the case of high-risk or sensitive data, the legitimate activities of a charity or not-for-profit body

Collecting staff information

The majority of staff information you provide to us is necessary for us to meet our obligations as an employer and failure to supply such information may mean that we are unable to fulfil our contract of employment with you. On the other hand, some staff information is provided to us on a voluntary basis, for example information concerning your personal characteristics. We will inform you whether you are required to provide certain information to us or if you have a choice in this. Under some circumstances, we may obtain information from third parties, such as the staff member’s previous employer. We will normally seek your consent before obtaining such information.