Julia von Klonowski

Julia works as the Oracle Director of Education for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Her role is to concentrate on Ministries of Education and K-12 (Kindergarten to 19).

She has over 30 years experience in the IT industry and has spent the last 15 years concentrating on the effective use of technology in education. She spent the first 15 years of her working life in South Africa, where she ran her own business with over 100 employees delivering IT solutions into the business market.

Julia returned to this country in 2001 when she joined Sun Microsystems as a senior Project Manager. Her first project was delivering the first global e-learning solution. Her experience stretches from programming, software support, large project delivery and consultancy. Her passion is education, particularly for children who are disadvantaged either by poverty, special needs, gender or family situation. The majority of her time is spent advising Ministries of Education on how to use technology to improve education and skills. The advancement and equality of women is also a passion and she believes that education is a key to allowing women to be where they "want" to be rather than where they "have" to be.

Julia is married to a South African and has two grown-up children. Among her interests are reading, gardening, travelling and meeting people.

She sits in various advisory boards and spends as much time as possible mentoring and upskilling students on interviewing skills and e-safety.