Chris Jones

Chris Jones is the Group Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group. Chris’ role is to set the strategic direction of the Group and he also chairs the Management Board.

Since joining in 2008, he has led City & Guilds to significantly grow its surplus, which enables further investment in the organisation to benefit its learners.

It is City & Guilds’ 130 year track-record of benefiting learners that Chris feels so passionate about. He feels he is the custodian of a great heritage of helping people get the skills they need to unleash their talents and achieve their full potential. Chris firmly believes that by working with learning providers, employers and learners themselves, City & Guilds can help to create a more proficient and sustainable economy through vocational education.

Chris is also keen for the Group to keep innovating, so that City & Guilds can lead a new kind of talent revolution, to capture the imagination of people and inspire them to take control of their futures for personal and economic growth. Chris is dedicated to resolving the current skills gap in the UK to rebalance and grow the UK’s economy by providing the necessary skills and training to develop both established and emerging industries.

Chris plays a prominent role in driving the national skills agenda – something he has personal experience of as he followed the vocational education path himself. After a year of university, he decided to leave to take a practical marketing and sales course, which set the foundation for his career.

Before joining City & Guilds, Chris held several senior management positions in publishing and education. In his former post, he transformed Harcourt Education International, implementing a customer-centred vision to grow revenue. Chris also served as Senior Vice President at LexisNexis Risk Management Group and Group Director at Financial Times Electronic Publishing. Chris is a member the Business in the Community’s Talent and Skills Leadership Group.