Our governing body is a mixture of highly committed external members, who are volunteers, drawn from a range of backgrounds including education, business and local government, as well as student and staff members.

Governors oversee the strategic direction of Activate Learning. They appoint senior post holders who are responsible for running Activate Learning on a day-to-day basis. They are also expected to:

  • Ensure the solvency of our group members
  • Safeguard public funds and assets in our care
  • Approve the annual budget
  • Determine the college mission

A list of current governors is provided on the right hand side,

The Activate Learning Board has agreed that the structure for governance of the Activate Learning Group will be based on a Carver, policy driven structure that focuses on the ‘ends’ or outcomes and impact, whilst ensuring all other statutory board requirements are effectively met.

Full details are provided in this handbook