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Paddy Austin

Paddy Austin has a long history of governance and senior management, primarily in the public sector. Paddy is an Executive Director of Francis Group and leads its governance, strategy and stakeholder engagement practice.  She has been in the UK for four years, and has led the Francis Group business in this country.
Prior to joining the Francis Group in 2008, she was Chair of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, a NZ company with assets exceeding $2b. Chairing this company for six years, she was responsible for a significant improvement in governance policy and practice, as well as a major strategic review of the company’s role in infrastructure provision for the Canterbury region.  Other directorships include the Government and commercial companies, including start-up companies, and a University Council.
Paddy is a former City Councillor, having served in that capacity for 6 years.  Prior to that, she was CEO of the Arts Centre of Christchurch, Communications and Promotions Manager of the Christchurch City Council, Community Relations Director of Lincoln University and a Management Consultant.