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Self and team development

Improvement in individual and team capability starts with each person having self-awareness and a clear understanding of their impact on others.

With this understanding, they can make informed choices about how they engage with others, adapting their approach to best meet other people’s needs. Connecting more effectively with others leads to improved performance, organisational alignment and effective cross-functional working.

Ask us about

  • Raising levels of self-awareness using Insights® Discovery personality profiling
  • Team development to build high performance teams
  • Enabling managers to improve individual and team performance through coaching skills
  • Empowering people to tackle the problems that just won’t go away through ActionLearning
  • Building the resilience of teams by improving and managing the mental toughness of your team members
  • Finding out what really happens when customers interact with you through the Empathy Customer Experience Audit
  • Finding out what ‘things really are like around here’ through the Amici cultural auditing tool education